feb-march 2010

feb-march 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

who would've guessed?!

Carter convinced me, the other day, to purchase an electrical set from the teachers store. I usually don't like to spend the money on these little kits...I dont see their worth. But he caught me at a weak moment, so we drove home with this! Who would have guessed that 7 hours later he STILL had not stopped working with it....doing all the things in the workbook. and then CREATING HIS OWN LEGO-K-NEX Motorized CAR that really worked!!!! This says a lot to me about the kit....this is a boy who loses interest in EVERYTHING quickly.....but thanks to a kit and a boy,we have found a passion that still hasnt let up.....now we only need that money tree to grow to buy all the components he dreams of to make even "better" working creations!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Field Trip!

Doesn't that title just make you think of "Magic SchoolBus"? I love it, we even try and sound like Mis Frizzle does as we drive away. Oh, you just have no idea how excited I was for this day. I have DREAMED about taking the kids to the Museum of Natural History for years, and this morning I just woke up and decided this was THE day! Just like that! We packed bananas and crackers for breakfast in the car, added some water bottles, grabbed everyone's shoes and the adventure was on! It was the coolest place, just like walking into the movie. The exhibits were awesome, the hands on room downstairs was just what the boys would have asked for if they knew it was possible, I want to go again and again...we even walked in and found out that by chance it was a FREE day! How good it be?! Do you want to hear the OTHER side of our story,too? Well....after an hour of driving we entered the city of L.A. while I happily have all the boys looking out the windows to see the tall buildings, etc,when to my utter astonishment I hear shouting and the words"Ewwww...he's THROWING up"1 Not a good sign...hmmmm. Too late to turn around, so we forge ahead, with windows rolled ALL the way down. Park the car at the Museum and scramble to find any napkins or wet wipes that might help the mess get a little better. But, this IS L.A. and we must roll up all the windows and lock up. I know, just the thought of it all fermenting while we are in the building, is not good. Did I fail to mention that in all the gross out rush of cleaning the mess I forgot to throw out our the half eaten bananas? Ahem...not good ,either! Then there was the incident of almost knocking over the bear statue, the banging of a glass cage with an exhibit bone...the jumping over a wall to get "into" an exhibit, the tantrum over my answer of "no" to the pleas of buying a toy, oh...and the missing shoe? How about the shutting of a bathroom door in someones face? and my personal favorite....my son's head ricocheting off a glass window that he didn't think was there! Yes, as you might have concluded, I am the mother of some Special souls......and then the ride home...the smell, the exhaustion, the car sick tummies...it was NOT pleasant...it just all added up to some more moments to love!

homeschool happenings

Here is one of our most recent learning times that was actually a big hit with the boys. We decided that to learn about the world we live in is filled with so much cool, fun facts and projects...who could resist?! I got this idea off of another blog and tweaked it just a little for us. You cannot imagine the boys love for the hands on approach. Making playdo with all the rich colors. Constructing our earths with each of the continents, and learning about the earth's layers...and if you could have seen their eyes when we first cut the earth in half...ahhhhhh,what a moment to love! The addition of the ability to use a REALLY large,sharp knife?....well you KNOW boys, it almost couldn't get any better!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow in Southern California?! YIPPEE!

Oh, the excitement that filled our home at 6:30 am!!! I came downstairs bleary eyed, as usual, peered out my kitchen window and could not for the life of me figure out what was so strange about the view! It actually took me a few moments to come to a complete state of alertness and realize it was SNOW!!!! I had no need to tell anyone, I just listened with amusement as I heard the shouts of glee and utter amazement to the miracle of snow. Lifetime memories ensued.

just a little intro...

Our home is filled with BOYS!!! I am greatly outnumbered....all our girls have grown up and left me in this crazy atmosphere of off-the-wall madness! In all honesty,though...I LOVE IT! I love the energy of boys, the adventures, the basketball games,the inventing,the constant need for outdoors, and their sweet love for their Mama! Of course this comes with a good dose of "I hate you", "You are torturing me" and "Is that what is for dinner????" Mostly I get these comments when they are hungry...a BIG HINT here for other mothers of sons....FEED THEM AND THEY SWEETEN UP! Give them plenty of fresh air and their fighting and bickering turns to laughter and grand adventures!

welcome to our world!